Performance Plate, Beyond Decoration

DEBO® was founded in 2004 by a pool of specialists from the HPL Industries in China. As a result, DEBO® team harbored their vision, carrying their profession and cross-disciplinary technical know-how, developed different panels with high quality performance and a various of product solution for both indoor and outdoor demanding environment, including hospital restaurant and kitchen furniture design in commercial territory, and laboratory engineering in scientific research field etc. DEBO® has gained the trustworthiness of customers all over the world for its excellent product performance and decorative effect. As an International brand, DEBO® works closely with the world finest industrial suppliers for obtaining the best international quality. Insisting on the green environment concept as the guide, DEBO® implements actively the strategy of sustainable development to protect the ecological environment. Today, we are still striving to provide the most popular decorative colors, surfaces and the most cutting-edge panel performance to meet the highest requirement of quality and innovation in the new era of industry 4.0.


After 16-years-up and down, and earth-shaking changes, DEBO® is STILL committed to "Performance Plate" and "Beyond Decoration" as the CORE of sustainability. In 2020, the sudden attack of the New Corona Virus (COVID 19) inspires DEBO® a transformational action to take: Upgrading Product and Caring Nature.