Innovative Gene

DEBO® was founded in 2004 by a pool of specialists from the HPL Industries in China. For more than 16 years, DEBO® has been focusing on developing decorative panel and the extending applications.

At first, the founder team, due to the come-across of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) which is a composite material with a century long history, starting to step into the surface decoration and solution.

After that, DEBO®'s innovative team continued to develop and upgrade products, from fire-resistant HPL to Compact Laminate, from Compact Laminate to Labench; from Compact Laminate to Compact Fiberboard, from Compact Fiberboard to Cleantop, and so on.

International Quality

International Brand First-class product quality

DEBO® works closely with world's finest Industrial suppliers for the best International quality. It offers up-to-date decor colors, surface textures, and cutting edge production technologies to get the best results of Quality and Innovation.

DEBO® has the most comprehensive quality certification and product test, based on international standards, and has become a quality benchmark for "New Domestic Products".


DEBO® has passed the FSC and PEFC certifications, and the raw materials used have been controlled and managed from the source, and rationally exploited to ensure the sustainable development of the environment. DEBO took the lead in passing the GREENGUARD Green Guard and the equivalent test TVOC in decoration board industry .

DEBO® has also passed the EU REACH and US RoSH test, making a great contribution to protecting human health and environment, and producing safer products. Regarding the food safety, DEBO's related products have passed the FDA test, and the food is able to directly contact the surface of the board, meeting the safety requirements of domestic and foreign consumers for safe use, health and environmental protection.

  • Durable

    DEBO® products have excellent quality with excellent durability. Less replacement frequency means that products enjoys longer life span, fewer resources utilization, lower pollutant emission levels, and fewer pollutants emission.

  • Healthy & Non-toxic

    The processed chips and swarf of DEBO® board are harmless to human health. This also means that the residual waste can even be handled by directly heating without discharging pollutants such as hydrochloric acid, organic chlorine compounds or dioxins.

  • Recycling

    DEBO® continuously improves products and achieves sustainability. Sustainability refers to persistence, which means that materials and products can re-enter the production process and become new and even better products.

Modern Facility

In the past more than twenty years, we have developed a number of professional technicians with local and international background. We have been updating our modern production facilities for achieving better quality.

From procurement of raw materials to production, packaging, transportation and logistics, we adhere to standard operating procedures, and strict to quality control to ensure that every laminate or our solution products can withstand the severe test internationally.

Global Service

DEBO® has global perspective and stick to reform and innovation, leading the industry with quality, design and service. So Far, we have completed tens of thousands of projects at home and abroad, served more than 60 countries and regions around the world. and we has built agency distribution channel in the Middle East, Europe and America.