DEBO® Lockers

Public safe and hygiene Lockers and Cabinets Solution

DEBO® Lockers are made of 100% original DEBO® panels including both Compact Laminate and Compact Fiberboard that is hygienic, safe and extremely durable. High-quality raw materials combined with a safe and easy-to-use smart locking system, plus the modern color and style matching design from the DEBO team, DEBO® provides safe, stylish and durable Lockers solution for cloakroom and public storage.

DEBO® Lockers system meet both wet and dry conditions. Ultra-high density DEBO® panels present remarkable performance in resistance to wear, steam, impact, scratches etc and totally hygienic. DEBO® Lockers system are exceptionally suitable for damp areas like high-end fitness clubs, SPA houses, swimming pools, theme parks and sport center etc. They can also be used in schools, hospitals where hygiene and safety are highly concerned. Moreover, DEBO® Lockers system provides various designs, flexible combination, and dedicates to customized designs.

  • Durability

    Water, Fire,Moisture,Impact

  • Colorful

    Various surface, Excellent intensity
    and color depth

  • Hygiene

    Enhanced anti-bacterial properties,

  • Easy-to-use

    Machining friendly, Easy to clean,
    Easy to maintain

Product Application

  • Sport Club Locker Room
  • Fitness Club Changing Room
  • School Locker Complex
  • Hospital Locker Complex
  • Company & Staff Locker

Sport Club Locker Room

Basketball, football, badminton, football and other sports venues have the most stringent requirements for lockers. Such venues, whether they are government-run or private business, have a huge flow of people and frequent use.

  • Design & Specification

    The standard size of DEBO® Locker is 300 width x 450 depth x 1900 height, including 100mm Compact Laminated foot plinth. Full-paneling structure or panel+ aluminum profile connection system structure.

    There are 1-Tier, 2-Tier, 3-Tier, 4-Tier, 5-Tier, 6-Tier, 2Z Tier with door or without.

  • Intelligence Management

    The design of DEBO® Lockers system fully considers the convenience and connectivity of use. The intelligent management system includes IC card, password, face recognition, and payment systems. DEBO® Lockers cooperated with International well-known lockset brands and system integrators to jointly develop solutions suitable for different application scenarios.

Why choose DEBO® Lockers?

Public safe and hygiene Lockers and Cabinets Solution

  • 20+ years Industry Benchmark

    Founded in 2004, DEBO® leading the market with Quality & Innovation.

  • International Quality Compliance

    Full equipped with National and International Quality Testing and Certifications.

  • Strong R&D in Solution

    Forward-thinking mindset in development and operation.

  • Complete Supply-Chain Service

    Professional team providing one-stop solution: from consultant, design to production, installation and maintenance.