DEBO® Wall Panel

Giving the interior space a unique style and safety

a unique style and creativity

DEBO® wall panels are made of DEBO® Companct Laminate panel and metal frames. The wall panel system has three-dimensional horizontal adjustment, wire pipes and other hidden equipment can be laid on the back of the wall panel, including fire plugs, electronic control systems, instrumentation, etc. The advantage of this design is to keeps the wall surface look nice and clean, also easy for daily cleaning.

The application of DEBO® interior wall panel has received a lot of attention, especially in public areas, such as hospitals, traffic halls, immigration halls, railway stations, etc.. The superior performance of impact resistance, pressure resistance, scratch resistance and antibacterial resistance is particularly attractive, especially in power plants, electromechanical rooms and other workplaces with high radiation, compact laminate panels are the ideal choice for wall protection and decoration.

DEBO® wall systems are available in two types: Hanging and Gluing.

  • Durability

    Water, Fire,Moisture,Impact

  • Colorful

    Various surface, Excellent intensity
    and color depth

  • Hygiene

    Enhanced anti-bacterial properties,

  • Easy-to-use

    Machining friendly, Easy to clean,
    Easy to maintain


  • Commercial Building
  • Resisdential Wall Decoration
  • Public Wall Liner
  • Retail Decoration
  • Large-scale Building

Commercial Building

The combination of DEBO® Compact panels and metal frames makes it easy to clean on a daily basis; the strong support raises material's robustness, and piping equipment can be laid on the back of the wall panels; It's an ideal use for office buildings, conference rooms, showrooms, shopping malls, elevator corridors, hotel lobbies etc..

  • Gluing way - Quick and Easy

    In all application environments, it is possible to visualize the perfect performance of the properties of the Compact laminate board in the construction industry. With the basic functions of moisture resistance, wear resistance and appearance design, the advanced functions of impact resistance, corrosion resistance and durability is given full play. The adhesive type is easy and convenient to install, but it cannot be dismantled after fixing. Even in the applications of large commercial, large infrastructure and in the harsh environment, the panel still present high performance result, so it become cost-effective, durable and high quality panels.

  • Hanging way- Flexible and Adjustable

    The most difference compare with adhesive type is that dry hanging type can be freely disassembled, and the pipeline can be installed inside the wall panel, which have nice looking and convenient to open hidden module for easy installation and daily maintenance; in terms of appearance design, the overall tone of the panel is defined as a high-grade and practical product, and the "rational" single panel is fully integrated with the "emotional" modern elements. In appearance design, the tone of the panel is defined as a high-grade practical product, which fully integrates the "Rationality" of the panel with the “Sensibility" of modern elements, and brings out the superior performance of wear resistance and scratch resistance, appearance design and impact resistance, which can meet the demand for most of customers of their home furnitures. It is a pro-people panel in the application of self-use and store.

Why choose
DEBO® Wall Panel?

Giving the interior space a unique style and safety

  • 20+ years Industry Benchmark

    Founded in 2004, DEBO® leading the market with Quality & Innovation.

  • International Quality Compliance

    Full equipped with National and International Quality Testing and Certifications.

  • Strong R&D in Solution

    Forward-thinking mindset in development and operation.

  • Complete Supply-Chain Service

    Professional team providing one-stop solution: from consultant, design to production, installation and maintenance.