Super Matt     Anti-fingerprint     Soft Touch

  • Low light reflectivity extremely matt

  • Anti-fingerprint

  • Soft touch

  • Resistant to dry heat

  • Dimensional stability

  • Impact-proof

  • Thermal healing of microscratches

  • Suitable for contact

  • Scratch-proof

  • Excellent intensity and colour depth

DEBO® Cleantop® Anti-fingerprint

Decorative Laminate Industry has a "NEW FACE".

DEBO® upgrades the normal interior grade of DEBO® HPL and Compact Laminate (also called Solid Core Phenolic Sheet) with a brand-new sensorial experience.

DEBO® CleanTop® Anti-fingerprint adopts with European's advanced Nanocleaning treatment technology. The surface of the panel has a special feature of "clean touch". Fingerprints and residual dirt are not easy to stay on the top. This zero-fingerprint and self-cleaning effect provides a great convenience for daily cleaning work, while he soft surface texture and super soft touch brings a pleasant feeling for people.

Besides, the surface of CleanTop® is treated with super matt that generates very low light reflection. Meanwhile, the high color saturation brings direct visual impact.

The innovation of Cleantop® brings new ideas and sources for furniture and interior design.

  • Rub resistant

  • Enhanced anti-bacterial properties

  • Moisture-proof

  • Easy to clean

  • Lightfastness

  • Hygienic

  • Antistatic

  • Acid and alkali resistance

  • Self-supporting

  • Mold-resistant

  • UV & EB Curing Technology

    The birth of DEBO® Cleantop® was integrated with a number of scientific and technological forces. The surface adopts the well-known Nano-coating that has nano Microcrystalline structure. Thanks to the use of the Latest technology of European's UV light and EB (Electron Beam) curing technology, the surface of DEBO® Cleantop® is strongly resistant to scratches, abrasion and microbes. X4 series has super soft touch surface, and X5 is super scratch resistant. Micro surface scratches can be repaired by thermal healing.

    It is particularly suitable for hospitality and public service sectors where hygiene and customer experience are highly concerned

  • Lotus Effect

    As we know, Lotus plant (also called as "Numlebo Nucifera") has super-hydrophobic surface. Water drops that fall onto them bead up and roll off. These leaves not only stay dry, but the droplets pick up small particles of dirt as they roll, so that the lotus leaves are even self-cleaning.

    There are micro-and nanoscopic architecture on the surface of the lotus leaves, which minimizes the water droplet's contact angle ( >150°) and surface tension.

    The Ultra hydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties of the lotus leaf have been synthetically reproduced in industries by scientists to achieve stain resistance, grease removal, and staying clean.

    Today, by our technicians and industrial experts, we create the Anti-fingerprint surface that is super opacity, oleophobic, anti-fingerprint, and featured with soft clean touch.

Beyond Decoration

DEBO® Cleantop® adopts European advanced nano-cleaning processing technology. The surface of the board is treated with super matt texture . It has a self-cleaning function. Fingerprints and residual fine dirt are not easy to stay on the surface of the board; The surface has a very soft texture, super soft touch, giving people a pleasant heartbeat experience.