DEBO® Toilet Partition

Public Hygiene Solution

DEBO® was founded in 2004 with a strong commitment to “Innovating Decorative Boards” ---Compact Laminate and the Innovative applications. We commit to enhance the quality of the public environment included health, security, comfort and sustainability through the use of high-performance materials. After 12 years of development, DEBO has become a leading brand in supplying toilet cubicle systems and the assorted facilities. Whether it is office, school, hospital, stadium, airport etc, DEBO not only beautifies the public environment, but also provides individual inspiring space for everyone.

DEBO® Toilet Cubicle Systems can be applied to both dry and wet areas. Whether economical or high-end design, DEBO® can offer you rational advice focusing on durability and low cost for maintenance without scarifying its using function.

The excellent performance of DEBO® Toilet Cubicle Systems arises from the use of the original DEBO® Compact Laminate which is extremely suitable for applications that are imperious to moisture, totally hygienic and virtually indestructible. Combined with modern hardware of various types, DEBO® creates an unique public health space.

  • Durability

    Water, Fire,Moisture,Impact

  • Colorful

    Various surface, Excellent intensity
    and color depth

  • Hygiene

    Enhanced anti-bacterial properties,

  • Easy-to-use

    Machining friendly, Easy to clean,
    Easy to maintain

Product Category

  • Excel
  • Elegance
  • Kuado
  • Pivot


Stainless steel 304(Available in 316 on request)Shoe-box series / Headrail-anchored series. Free standing, solid, steady but not dull. Suitable for office buidlings, department stores, airports and any other large and high-end public areas.

  • Toilet Partition Style one

    According to the mounting style of toilet cubicles, there are four designs: Overhead Braced, Free-standing, Ceiling Hung, Floor-to-Ceiling.

  • Toilet Partition Style two

    According to the connecting style of toilet cubicles, there are three designs: Between two wall, Along one wall, and Free Standing.

Why choose
DEBO® Toilet Partition?

Public Hygiene Solution

  • 20+ years Industry Benchmark

    Founded in 2004, DEBO® leading the market with Quality & Innovation.

  • International Quality Compliance

    Full equipped with National and International Quality Testing and Certifications.

  • Strong R&D in Solution

    Forward-thinking mindset in development and operation.

  • Complete Supply-Chain Service

    Professional team providing one-stop solution: from consultant, design to production, installation and maintenance.