• Moisture-proof

  • Fire-resistant

  • Mold-resistant

  • Scratch-proof

  • Stain resistant

  • Rub resistant

  • Easy to clean

  • Hygienic

  • Machining friendly

  • Various surface

  • Impact-proof

  • Resistance to dry heat

  • Excellent intensity and color depth

  • Self-supporting

  • Longtime stability

DEBO® Compact Fiberboard

The invention of DEBO® Compact Fiberboard (also named of Compact Dendity Fiberboard CDF) is a revolutionary breakthrough in building decoration panel industry. DEBO® team had accumulated many years of technical know-how in decorative panel, integrating a world-class technical expert team to develop such an epoch-making architectural design & decorative panel.

  • New Journey Innovative DEBO Compact Fiberboard

    DEBO® Compact Fiberboard is an innovative, robust, and hight density(1000-1200kg/m3) wood based fiberboard. The raw core is black colored and made up of wood fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin. The surface layer(s) on both sides are decor papers, having decorative colors or designs that are impregnated with melamine based resin. These two components are bonded together under high pressure and temperature to obtain an integrated decorative material.

  • Renovation

    DEBO® takes the most advanced technology of European wood-based artificial panel for reference. On their basis, we increased the density and waterproof performance to meet the strictest specification of waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial in public applications. At the same time, thanks to its slim and ultra high density with physical properties closing to the Compact Laminate, DEBO® Compact Fiberboard creates endless possibility for furniture design and development.

Beyond Decoration

DEBO® Compact Fiberboard offers a wide range of designs in respect of colors, patterns, textures, and individual concept. As a standard, DEBO® Compact Fiberboard come with decors on both sides in suede finish. However, only the Raw-core is also available on request. DEBO® provides hundreds of plain colors, wood grains, stones, and individual decor processed by our cutting-edge digital printing equipment.