DEBO® Innovative Furniture

Feel the texture and inspiration

The high performance and decorative properties of DEBO® decorative boards have become the choice of the new era. DEBO® panels have natural plasticity that it can be cut, rounded, milled, drilled, etc. by large CNC and diamond tools, and processed into any desired shape and design; DEBO® decorative boards have been high-end materials prevalent in furniture, Interior and construction design as for decoration and supporting.

In industries and residency, DEBO® Compact Laminates are widely used in various format as for countertops, worktops and furniture elements; Especially for outdoor application, DEBO® Compact Exterior grade has super weather fastness and UV resistance that make it adaptive to ever-changing outdoor condition for a long time (more than 10 years) with paneling flatness and color stability.

In 2017, DEBO® CleanTop® was launched for the first time in China, putting forward a new concept for high-end furniture. Super matte, Anti-fingerprint and velvet soft surface are the favored characteristics for high-end residences, fashionable restaurants, bars, and high-end furniture.

  • Durability

    Water, Fire,Moisture,Impact

  • Colorful

    Various surface, Excellent intensity
    and color depth

  • Hygiene

    Enhanced anti-bacterial properties,

  • Easy-to-use

    Machining friendly, Easy to clean,
    Easy to maintain


  • Office Furniture
  • Multiple Furniture
  • Multiple Worktops
  • Art Creation

Office Furniture

Contract and home office furniture, filing cabinets, office desks, pantry, etc.

  • Tea & Talk by MaxForm®

    Nano technology, soft skin feeling, integrated design, minimalist space, DEBO® Cleantop® introduced nano-technology-a surface treatment technology applied to the exterior of the aircraft fuselage to use on the surface panel of furniture. It has a self-cleaning and repairable high-performance surface function. At the same time, the surface is ultra-matte and with low-reflection. It is the fashion trend of contemporary high-end materials. Coupled with a soft skin-feel surface, it gives you an unprecedented super experience.

  • CROSS Box by MaxForm®

    Breaking through traditional thinking and integrating smartness and flexibility into the commercial space, the CROSS box adopts 8MM DEBO Compact Laminate or Compact Fiberboard, plus a metal aluminum alloy frame structure, to achieve a stable, flexible and multifunctional design furniture for smart offices.

Why choose
DEBO® Innovative Furniture?

Feel the texture and inspiration

  • 20+ years Industry Benchmark

    Founded in 2004, DEBO® leading the market with Quality & Innovation.

  • International Quality Compliance

    Full equipped with National and International Quality Testing and Certifications.

  • Strong R&D in Solution

    Forward-thinking mindset in development and operation.

  • Complete Supply-Chain Service

    Professional team providing one-stop solution: from consultant, design to production, installation and maintenance.